4.6 ( 8096 ratings )
Juegos Acción Arcade
Desarrollador Majic Jungle Software
2.99 USD

Action packed side-scrolling helicopter game. One of the great App Store classics.

Complete your mission and return to base, while avoiding enemy fire from tanks and bazooka wielding mad men in this
action packed side-scrolling helicopter game.

Chopper is a universal app. You only need to purchase it once and it will run both on iPhone and HD on iPad at no extra cost.

Play through twenty levels in each of four difficulties. Tilt to fly, and touch the screen to drop bombs or fire your machine gun.

Please note: The sequel to Chopper is now also available. Search the App Store for Chopper 2.


Chopper has good-looking graphics and it plays responsively as you navigate over obstacles. ... I recommend it highly. -

Chopper was one of the original launch titles for the App Store and has been a huge success over the past year. -

I just cant stop playing the game -

It certainly looks a helluva lot better than Choplifter did back in the day. -