Chopper App Reviews

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This game is freaking awesome you have to buy it cant wait for chopper 2!!

Great game but!!!

But! Come-on Chopper2!Come-on!!!!!!

Great Game

STILL WAITING FOR CHOPPER 2!!!!!!! Said it would be out mid 2010, well its JULY!!!!!!!

App for recommendation

I wish there will be more levels or new Copper 2 will come out. Anyway highly recommended.

Amazingly addictive and worth the price

Trust the reviews this game truly is awesome! Addicting, easy enough to continue on but difficult enough so your not bored, and great graphics!


I bought this game 2 years ago and then just last week I had to restore my iPod. I re-downloaded the app and they charged me after I already payed for it! I want my 3 dollars back!

Simple fun and a great buy!

Recommended. Nice use of technology.

i didnt beat it on normal yet

imma keep on trying beating it though. good luck with second game. i own it already and its graphics are ten times better than this game. this game is still really fun to play so for anyone who didnt get this or the second one should get it NOW.


This game is so f-ing awsome

Very addictive.

I havent put this game down since I got it. I FINALLY beat the game on hard. Its not so easy that youre done in five hours--but not so infuriating that you want to throw your iPhone at an industrial fan. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

old and fun

this was one of the first apps on the app store and it is still really fun and i am going to get chopper 2 right after im done writing this review. i think everyone will like this app no matter what you age or intrests are so please get this and you wont regret it and even if you dont like it its just 99c and theres not much you can buy with 99c.


This game is so much fun. Best Action game by far on the iPhone


This game is ok, nothing amazing. Its fun but not the best game Ive played in my life. But if you like this game get chopper 2 that game is amazing!

great Application

I love this app, worth the money, actually this app is worth even more. Great job, kudos to the developers of this app. Way to go.

must have chopper app

i dont even like flying arcade games but I got Chopper for the sale. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend this wonderful app. You fly a copter in the landscape view and the tilt controls feel realistic like an radio controlled heli. Ive ridden in a copter and this app does a great job of displaying that flying experience.


On 19 mountains a bomb didnt even touch me and I died and u cant move and u get destroyed plz send me my money back

It rocks!

Great game a lot of fun and worth the price!

The game is beast

Its awesome


An extensive,addicting side scroller.Nice game.

Buy this game!

Plays like Choplifter with great graphics and responsive controls. Its the first game that made me really believe that the iPhone/iPod touch is a viable platform for great games. Get this game! You wont be disappointed!